About Us

This is going to sound like every food blog bio there is, but it’s the only way I can describe it. I’ve been interested in food for as long as I remember. Eating and sitting down for a meal always makes me happy, whether it’s a McDonald’s hashbrown from the drive through window, khow suey from a takeout box, a fancy five-course meal or homemade dal chawal.

Junkfood? Like it. Raw food? I’m into that, too.

I also collect food and cookery books. From Nigella to Rachel Allen; Julia Child to Marcella Hazan; Sanjeev Kapoor to Ritu Dalmia; from plant-based to satvik, I’ve got shelves lined with popular and obscure titles.

This space is where I talk about food (food that’s good for you + stuff that’s a little more on the indulgent side of the spectrum), cookbooks and things that I like.

You’ll find plant-centric recipes, because I love vegetables, lentils and beans and believe in making them the heart of your plate. You’ll also find some cookbook reviews and wellness tips. Maybe you’ll stick around?

The Author

Hey there! My name’s Meenakshi and I write this here blog. I’m a home cook based in Pune and a mother to two naughty boys under 10. I like to think of myself as an eating enthusiast who got cooking somewhere along the way. I love food and I write for a living, so this blog gives me a chance to combine both and share recipes and snippets from my life

After putting in my time in various professions (from being a TV news producer to digital marketing to editing a vegan news and lifestyle portal), I came to the realization that food is what I’m most passionate about. This is where I tell stories through food and chronicle my kitchen feasts and fails.